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How To Clean Different Types Of Frying Pans

Frying pans are made from a variety of different materials. The main ones are stainless steel, ceramic, Teflon and cast iron. And while they all do the same job, when it comes to cleaning them you need to do thing a little different according to the material used. While it is generally recommended to refer to the cleaning instructions from the product’s manufacturers, they may not always come with the product. Let’s briefly discuss how to clean the different types of frying pan.

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Frying Pan Buying Guide

Frying pans are the go to cookware. Any cook worth his salt will confirm that a good skillet is needed, and that a frying pan is the central piece of any kitchen. Be it deep fried, seared or just browned, lightly toasted, a skillet can help do it all in the kitchen. Traditionally skillets have been made of cast iron and geometrically shallow with sides that flare to the outsides slightly with a long handle attached. Mostly today stainless steal skillets are what most cooks use. However other type of cookware are also commonly used. We created this frying pan buying guide to help you choose the right frying pan for your needs. The major considerations while buying a skillet should be:

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