DeBuyer Mineral B Element Iron Frypan Review

The DeBuyer Mineral B Element Iron Frypan gets good reviews and seems to provide a nice balance between non-stick and healthier cooking. With everyone being health conscious today, many are looking for better alternatives to traditional non-stick cookware. Tired of the smell of fumes or even the potential danger, many are turning to cookware that is not only safer to use, but actually does a better job of actually cooking the food.


  • 100-Percent Natural and 99-Percent Pure Iron Steel
  • Guaranteed without PTFE or PFOA and no chemicals added; naturally non-stick after seasoning
  • Bee Wax was discovered by deBuyer as a by-product in nature to help protect these pans against oxidation and assist in seasoning
  • Made in France


Many consumers who have bought the DeBuyer Mineral B, have been pleased with the heat conductivity of the pan as well as the non-stick properties when the pan is used properly. The sturdy design and handsome appearance were also a plus with many reviewers. The DeBuyer Mineral B frying pan is made in France out of quality steel. Unlike non-stick pans using Teflon, this pan sears well and also maintains consistent heat throughout to more evenly cook the food. Compared to other products of similar make, many said that this pan hands down did a better job then other favorites they’ve used in the past.

For those who typically used cast iron skillets in the past, the DeBuyer compared nicely in cooking ability while being much easier to clean. Additionally, the lighter weight of the DeBuyer made it easier for lifting and maneuvering. The cast iron skillets also require quite of bit of effort to maintain proper seasoning. The DeBuyer Mineral B Element Iron Frypan only takes approximately 30 minutes to season initially and maintains that seasoning without additional effort. One reviewer even admitted to not properly seasoning the pan before its first use and still had positive results while cooking with no food sticking to the bottom of the pan.


The are a few downside noted with this pan. Hand cleaning only, don’t put it in to the dishwasher. The instruction to remove the beeswax that’s used as a protective coating could have been a little clearer. A few buyers noted this while most others indicated that removing the beeswax was easy by following the manufacturer provided instructions. Most people has success passing the pan under really hot water and then boiling potato skins.

Some did mention that although the pan is not as heavy as cast iron, but it is still heavier than the Teflon coated pans and could be difficult if the pan is lifted to flip the food. The helper handle available on the 12 inch pas was appreciated when it came to lifting the pan from the stove with heavier meats such as steak.

Although one reviewer indicated issues with sticking even after properly seasoning the pan, this issue seem limited to this one consumer and does not appear to be a wide spread problem with the product. A golden patina is good and will only enhance the non-stick properties. Overall the DeBuyer Mineral B Element Iron Frypan receives rave reviews from the greater majority of those who have bought it with many indicating that this would be the last pan they would buy.


If you would like to cook in a healthier way without the dangers of Teflon, then the DeBuyer Mineral B Element Iron Frypan seems to be a good choice. Easy to maintain and easy to use, this pan is a top choice amongst most who purchased and they would happily recommend this pan to friends and family.