Electric Frying Pans Overview

A newer addition to the modern kitchen is the electric frying pan. This article is a general overview of electric frying pans, their features, size, and safety.

Temperature Control

On an electric frying pan the temperature can be varied as per the specific requirements needed for the recipe. An electric frying pan when compared to a traditional stove top frying pan gives the cook advanced control over cooking temperature because there are less variables to deal with such as inconsistent heat.

Heating Element

The heating elements on electric frying pans are good for achieving up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius). One of the important things to keep in mind when selecting an electric skillet is the side walls of the skillet. They should be vertical and allow for deep dish frying. Most electric frying pans come with a lid that has a pressure release hole to allow ventilation during the cooking process. This is a good and safe way to fry as it prevents splattering of hot oil and liquids. Although cases have been reported when glass lids could not withstand the pressure, and exploded.

Shapes and Sizes

Electric skillets usually come in two shapes squares and rectangles. These shapes are not common for the non-powered versions of frying pans. The reason electric skillets are sold in square and rectangular shapes is because of the extra space those shapes provide besides the fact that the heating coil and thermostat need to be accommodated. Some electric pans actually have the ability to even drain off excess fat and oil, if you want to do that, while cooking.


Owing to the fact that the temperature in an electric skillet is thermostat controlled it is possible to actually use it on the table top while dining. The thermostat can be set to gently keep the food warm. Another amazing application of an electric skillet is in steaming. Since the pan is deeper than normal skillets in some models it is possible to insert a steamer, fill water till it barely touches the bottom of the steamer, apply the lid and fire away. Dim sums, steamed veggies anything you want can be conveniently steamed. Another great application of an electric skillet is at picnics and outdoor parties.  You can cook and carry your food in the pan. Once you get there all you need is a power outlet and you can reheat or finish the final processing before you serve from the same frying pan.


Most electric frying pans come with double non-stick coating to allow easy cleaning and oil free, or at least less oil, cooking. The non-stick coating of course means that you handle your frying pan with that much more respect. Even though non-stick coatings have gotten resilient over time they are still not one hundred percent scratch proof. So care needs to be taken to not accidentally scratch the surface. A non-stick electric pan is idea for low fat cooking, something that any health conscious person would be really excited about. Another coating is porcelain, and yet another is stainless steel. All of these have specific applications, utility and budgets associated with them. Based on the sort of requirements you have it is best to select the one that fits.

The electrical part of the whole assembly can be easily detached so as to allow stovetop cooking as well as easy. Safe cleaning of the pan is a big plus as well. This is relevant as it implies that there is really no risk involved with cooking on the electric frying pan. The isolation of the electrical circuitry is pretty well implemented so as to prevent any accident from ever taking place. Stringent testing and research has gone into the safety aspect of electricity based cooking to safely state that these frying pans are as safe and usable, if not more, as traditional stove top frying pans.