Ozeri Green Earth Fry Pan Review

Ozeri, a brand well known for small household appliances, has now entered the cookware arena with their range of Green Earth ceramic non-stick cookware. This series has been specially designed to meet the demands of environmentally conscious cooks around the world.

According to Cookware Insider, the Green Earth frying pan with its textured ceramic non-stick coating is one of the most eco-friendly pieces of cookware that you can find on the market. It has a trendy lime green exterior and is made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum.

It is also considered to be the first fry pan to be fully non-stick. These pans are available in three sizes to meet your specific needs. The 12 and 10 inch models are great for cooking for the whole family and the 8 inch model is more suited for specialized cooking.

Product features

  • Open design with gentle deep slope
  • Non-stick interior with ultra-safe Greblon ceramic coating
  • Textured pan surface for better performance
  • Magnetized pan base
  • Heat resistant silicon coated handle
  • Coated with MicroBan Antimicrobial protection
  • Oven-safe up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Limited Lifetime warranty for labor

The Good

The Green Earth fry pan, with its distinctive color, will brighten up any kitchen. It is sturdily built and balances well on various cook-tops. Its magnetized stove base allows for quick heat-transfer and makes it ideal even for induction cooking.

This Ozeri fry pan has a long life-span. Due to its 100% ceramic non-stick coating it does not scratch easily. This pan can easily be cleaned with just a swipe, which is great. Even if it is left unused for long periods of time, this unit will remain free of bacteria thanks to the antimicrobial protection it comes equipped with.

This Ozeri fry pan has a wide bottom that offers a great cooking surface. Its aluminum body ensures that heat is evenly distributed during cooking and this fry pan retains heats very well.

The elevation in its textured surface creates air pockets that deliver a constant supply of heat right under the food. This allows the food to cook better and prevents it from sticking to the base. It has a comfortable handle that is heat-resistant and is very handy when pouring or handling food.

What’s unique and most notable about this Green Earth fry pan is its special German Greblon ceramic coating that is made from natural resources. This coating is completely free of PTFE and other harmful chemicals that can be found on conventional non-stick pans.

Hence, when subjected to high temperatures, this pan’s coating will not decompose and release toxic fumes. Foods nutritional value is not lost and the flavor remains intact. This coating is also free of PFOA, a well known pollutant found in many non-stick pans.

The Bad

Well, even though this frying pan is an impressive offering from Ozeri, it does have a few flaws, even one major downside. First, this unit does not come with a lid and you’ll have to purchase one separately. Another issue we had with this unit is that the green exterior coating seems to be fading away after it has been cleaned numerous times.

The big issue with the Ozeri fry pan has durability issues. After the use of this pan over a couple of months, its non-stick characteristic can greatly reduce. Food may have a tendency to get stuck to the pan base, and can complicate cleaning. Also, the handle is welded and not riveted, which could loosen up and cause accidents in the long run. The frying pan is a bit light weight which can mean lesser quality. The frying pan is made inChina, only the coating is made in Germany.

Our Verdict

The Green Earth frying pan is built from some the safest and supposedly most durable materials you can find and it features great non-stick capabilities, however the long term durability is a serious question.

It was designed to offer maximum convenience with minimal maintenance. Its shape and design offers efficient heat distribution and will allow you to achieve great results fast.

This multi-purpose pan is great for all cooking processes and can be used to prepare small or larger meals depending on the model you choose.

This unit also comes with a reasonable price tag. The 10 inch pan runs in the neighborhood of $30. You can buy this unit separately or as part of a three-piece set.

For a short period of time, a couple of months, the pan performs exceptionally well, but after that things can get sticky. Due to the reliability issues, we can not recommend the Ozeri Green Earth fry pan.