Stainless Steel Frying Pans Overview

In just about any kitchen you go into you will find a frying pan of some sort. Stainless steel frying pans are by far the most common frying pan around. There are different materials used to make stainless steel frying pans all of which will have a different levels of head conductivity. Stainless steel by itself is actually not a very good conductor of heat. But thanks to technology stainless steel is able to be paired with aluminum or cooper which makes the heat conductivity very good.

Many people believe that stainless steel frying pans are the superior frying pan when compared to frying pans with non stick surfaces. Most non stick surfaces have harmful chemicals that can get into your food. This of course can be very dangerous. With stainless steel you don’t have this problem. So you never have to worry the non stick material coming off and getting into your food.

The key to successfully using a stainless steel frying pan is to use the right oils to keep food from sticking to it. That way the cleaning process is a lot easier. If you ever good vegetables in a stainless steel pan they will stick unless you are using oil. And once they stick they can be very hard to get off. So instead of having to worry about it why not just use a healthy oil whenever you cook?

It doesn’t take much. A tablespoon or two will do just fine. Use either canola oil or olive oil as those are both heart healthy. There are other good ones too but these are the first two that came to my mind. I would also advice that you stay away from vegetable oil. Its not a good idea when using stainless steel.

If you are using oil and you notice that things are starting to stick, just give it a few minutes and they should come right up on their own. The great thing about stainless steel frying pans is that they can be used to cook just about anything. When looking for a stainless steel frying pan look for one that is multi-clad.

Multi-clad stainless frying pans are made with layers of different metals which makes then stronger and better heat conductors than single ply stainless steel frying pans. You will find some cheap frying pans being called multi-clad but once you use them you will notice that the heat conductivity is only at the bottom of the pan.

That means it is more of a single ply frying pan. If you cook a lot you will be able to easily notice the difference in cooking with a single ply frying pan and a multi-clad frying pan.